Saturday, March 14, 2020

Hunting party scares or Fairy pond bathing

daryl teleports to stug in the cold
he changes to a dragon and they fly

Dranas crafts a handle while zeebo watches on
he wakes up Malo with his loud ass armor
Malo casts silence on him
he looks through Malo's books

Stug and Daryl flyyyyyy
they come upon a farm
the father pisses himself
stug corkscrew leaps onto a horse that has strayed, he slips and falls into the snow
he expertly catches up and remounts the mare. he then returns her to the farm
Stug helps the daughters care for their father while Daryl sticks his head in the window

Esteris is the daughter
bandits sometimes come steal their crops. its middle of winter. when spring breaks they will return.
Daryl makes Esteris a teleport scroll and hands her a pre-prepped one. he tells her about Durandal
Stug finishes fixing their wagon
cares for the man
they then go hunting and Daryl finds a buck

one of the girls lifts it easily

they go off to hunt and find a fairy pond
Stug finds Treyu, a friend fairy, then bathes in the pond.

more speak of the mark and kramen

only those that are righteous caN SEE HIM
only those that will succeed him can beseech him
only those that are chosen will surpass him

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