Friday, February 28, 2020

Arts and crafts with Volkorn and Dranas! or Stugs new torture friends!

Volkorn listens to loud music and is asked to turn it down

Dranas comes upon a travel-forge left behind by an elvish troop with a half-craft black elvish blade lying next to it. It burns at the touch. 
Gavin and Daryl both look it over. Daryl sees the symbol of Yurlral on the base of the weapon and senses Druidic evocation powers and dark purple runes...

In Yuelral's passion cast down upon thee,
Those of the living, those of the flesh,

Stug tortures Azaelia and receives a coin for his efforts, markings etched in common.
sworn duty achaekek praying mantis picture
the one who walks in blood, deity of assassinations in death.


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