Friday, November 8, 2019

Welcome Back, Malo or I Dream of Lich's

Reawakened, Malo is sad to hear that his old friend Gearsy has passed away due to wildly unforeseen circumstances. He explains to the ROD that the dots on the map they found were points of interest. Chances of great fortune, or great evil.

Daryl takes Malo on a Dragon ride and becomes very confused about who is and who is not riding him. he laughs hysterically into the night.
Volkorn wanders up to Malo's bar and discovers a secret cubby full of gems and diamonds.

Stug and Daryl go bear hunting and Stug keeps a carcass to fulfill a debt to Dranas. They then investigate a camp fire and meet the Ethereal Scouts, an elvish troop who had made camp for the night.

Volkorn studies books about song birds and transferring life into gems.
Dranas cooks and eats then reads his helacious cook book.

STOP Lich talk time.

Dranas turns up his nose at breakfast and cooks his own decadence-free monster quiche.

Everyone heads to the Archives of Nethys! Dranas begins his search for information on the Bob the Babayaga Swamp Bog Lich. Stug finalizes his application process while Daryl inquires about beginning his own. Daryl and Tommy Knocker hit it off as they admire Tommy's action figure collection together.


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