Sunday, July 21, 2019

Volkorn; the bringer of choice or Kingdoms are built upon the charred bodies of the resistance

Has Gaelic been convinced of the party's goals? Our favorite morty-like ranger continues to have 2nd thoughts about the deeds he's instructed to be complicit with under the guidance of Stug and the ROD. Is it right to kill our comrades in war? they are part of the Tor'Ar army like us!
Stug reassures him that there is a conspiracy to unveil and unveiled it shall be.

The party then discusses their next plan of action. Do they hunt the shards? do they even know their locations? Although some locations are known, the party decides that it's time to return to Cayden's Beard and make use of their Scrying pool located within.
Volkorn sees to the business duties of the bar but a shift in management styles causes Dalton to realize that his morals are misaligned with where this place of business is intending to go. The party is sad to part ways with Dalton but does not mourn long before looking to the future of the business.

Daryl is unexpectedly blessed when he happens upon Ronda (and her new muscles) at Cayden's Beard. A lovely and heartfelt reunion ensues and includes great food, a secret room, swanky music, and a Potter-like dragon ride around the area.

Upon much reflection and introspection, Volkorn addresses the party, states that he would like to become a king, and asks the party to swear fealty to him. The party responds with a firm and resounding "i guess... whatever." Volkorns confidence is boosted by this and harbingers the same decision to the farmers of the land surrounding the bar. Unsurprisingly the farmers are significantly LESS happy than the party was about this turn of events, but the alternatives that Volkorn offers are decidedly less desirable, as they involve much more fire and death than the first option of swearing fealty. Thus begins the kingdom of Cayden's Rise.

Decisions, Confusion, Lovemaking, Farming, Cooking, AND MORE! On this episode of...


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