Thursday, June 6, 2019

So this is Gnarlwind or Dranas the Carpenter!

Our adventurers continue on their path to the north at the guide of Daryl. Where they come across a village. They venture out to check on the new village before them. They come across the town of Gnarlwind. A village of Orcs. Some appearing to just stare into the sky while some tend the farmlands surrounding the village. There is kids playing in the streets running around with goggles. Volkorn inquires about these goggles. The kids give him a pair that smears black oil over his eyes. As he tries to wash this off the oil just smears all over his face.

Eventually they meet the Elder of Gnarlwind. To which they discover the old man is blind. Daryl keeps his gaze on the Staff perched behind the Elder. After small conversation the group is invited to stay and feast with them through the night but work would be required for payment. Volkorn promises Dranas to fill the labor needs of tending some farms and fixing the roof of a church.

Dranas heads to his duties; Volkorn, Daryl, and Gailic head to the feast and partake in the fun. The crew drinks and eats as the sun sets. Volkorn decides to check in on Dranas. Leaving Gailic behind at the feast who is heading off with a couple other Orc's for some intimacy. Volkorn sees Dranas on the roof replacing the broken roof section. Volkorn attempts to use his large hammer to help but Dranas stops him from the destructive chance. Daryl sends his unseen servant to Volkorn with nails and hammer. Volkorn grabs a nail, but the unseen servant drops them all thinking he was taking all. Volkorn shoves the unseen servant off the roof. As they continue the repairs they hear monks training the the back of the church.

Afterwards the group goes back to the feast. Eventually the group heads to sleep but Dranas decides to head into the woods, where he heard rumors of tigers. He is adamant about bathing in a river and believes there to be one near. As he heads into the woods he comes to a strange opening in the woods. With his guard dropped a group of Tigers pounce at their opportunity. Dranas backs into the opening only to be raked across the eyes, permanently blinded. He walks back even more only to realize the tigers are no longer pursuing. At this point Dranas feels some type of acid attack smacking him.

Dranas messages Vokorn asking for help. Volkorn wakes up Daryl in hope to get find Dranas faster. As they are flying Daryl asks Vokorn where Dranas is. Volkorn replies " He said he is in the woods." Daryl expresses his disappointment. Dranas remembers he only has teleport scrolls in his backpack and grabs one to teleport back to town. He eventually messages Volkorn of his return. Dranas was healed but Volkorn says there is nothing he can do today about his eyes.

After sleeping through the night. Dranas goes to get his improved Armor that has the bear rug attached to the inside. Volkorn also informs Dranas that the Elder invited him to cook with the other Orcs. Dranas complies and introduces his delicacies to the village. The women give him a gift of white powder.

Eventually the group take off after the meal but start to decide how they want to head to their destination north.

So this is Gnarlwind or Dranas the Carpenter! - MP3

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