Saturday, June 29, 2019

Ancient Secrets of Norwich or Undead Hill Giant Murder Disco

We begin our session with Daryl attempting to defeat Nega-Daryl once again to hopefully attain his mother's gift. Daryl forgot he has spell resistance in Karstim form so this fight went very different. Once ND was defeated Daryl found an icy town village with dragon statues called Norwich.

Dranas is sucking titties.

Daryl (in Karstim form) begins to explore Norwich and finds that it is very cold and a gazebo in the middle of town is made of ice. magical ice. ice that never seems to melt, despite giving off a cold steam. D's then discovers a cathedral with a large dragon statue atop it's roof. below is inscribed a depiction of 2 eggs, one on the left and one on the right. There is also a depiction of Apsu giving birth to various deities. a sign is displayed on the front of the cathedral that reads: Norwich Church of Apsu

The cathedral is cloudy with ice and ivory. There is an area big enough for a full size dragon to enter the Narthex. Pews seem to be arranged such that humans are meant to sit to the left while dragon-sized pews are located to the right.
"Dernbach, Karstim" is written on a door. Upon entering the room, Karstim finds a fine adamantite set of armor and a ring that seem to be the gifts his mother intended for him. He also discovers a mysterious picture of an unknown girl (Una for now). She seems to be a daughter of the Karstim family. Has Daryl found a long lost sister?

 The boys teleport to the library under the Oasis.

Sweets and Gaelic aren't there but Volkorn uses this opportunity to scold Dranas after learning the cost of their Black Lotus collection. They brought 3 jars with 3 bulbs of Lotus in each one... but at what cost? Volkorn is aware that entire villages have been ravaged by these creations.

SweetChuck is scryed only to be found participating in a ménage à trois with 2 goblin "ladies of the night".

The Party teleports there and Stug Immediately:
finds snuff
breaks the table
begins to quickly repair the table.

 A weird orgy ensues.

 Post-Coitus, the party remembers they still haven't accounted for Gaelic's whereabouts and scry him as well but are shocked to find him being questioned by BrokeBack bandits! A super top secret highest clearance stealth tactical mission quest assignment began as the team teleported in and successfully extracted the HVT (High Value Target) from the Hot Zone without detection.

Now that the Party is complete again, Volkorn scryes the undead hill giant army we've seen once before, when searching for Zarkan and the team forms a 2-step plan.

1. spell cast.
2. beat ass.

Volkorn and the boys then proceeded to interrupt an unexpecting wizard's lunch to turn the quarry into a murder-disco as Dranas paralyzed the caster and Karstim went to town on some hill giants.
The wizard was found to be dressed in a reddish robe with a golden necklace. He also had a Mantle of Faith, and an Evil Wand of Protector.

What will happen next time? Will Karstim get to satiate his hunger? are there more giants? Tune in next time to find out. or not. whatever. we have like 2 listeners on this bullshit and one of them is me. we have more party members than 2 for Cayden's sake. like... really?

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