Monday, September 24, 2018

Getting Tatted Up or Dragon in The Mist

Here we have the group doing their thing that they do best. I am still not sure what that is but anyways; most of the gang talked around the town of Aetheral to obtain Black Lotus. They arew able to meat an Herbalist Amir that is able to sell them low grade shake of Black Lotus and some seeds for various types of Glow Weed for SweetChuck. Volkorn tried to inquire about buying more but concluded it could take 6 months of everyone farming the Black Lotus to get the amount needed to open up Mount Tomo. He then pushes to try and buy seeds but is told that it is not sold to outsiders. Volkorn is able to bribe the down on her luck Herbalist into trying to procure what he requires.

Daryl has his mind set on getting tattoos but realizes this cost gold. He is off set and complains to his group that night in the mansion. Late into the night Daryl is presented a floating pouch with a note of Caiden wishing for him to follow his dreams and providing Daryl with the right amount of Gold to achieve his goal of Magic Tattoos. Daryl sleeps throughout the night and then takes SweetChuck to Kobm to get fresh tattoos. There Daryl is able to meet the lead singer to Uhh!who honors him with a autograph turned into a tattoo. SweetChuck gets a tattoo of his own, but it is not magical... and may get sued over it.

Stug starts meeting his first few subordinates by doing what Stug does best, using his fists. He is able to take the paladin down without issue. Though when he meetgs his sorcerer he is duped from an illusionary spell. But the story starts to take a turn as Volkorn has a dreamm in a bar with a man who states that its time to even up the play for the gamble. He is shown a Red Dragon that is surrounded by a thick grey fog. Volkorn then Scryes this Dragon from his secret scrying room in the bar to discover what Daryl has been up to in there and has not cleaned any part of his mess after watching Rhonda's Squatting session to make an attempt to message them... The Dragon speaks, and after a short story Volkorn discovers her name to be Saphira.

Come and find out how it all goes down, and maybe someone might be able to get some land to grow the crops of glowweed. Only time will tell where the wind takes the RoDss.

Getting Tatted Up or Dragon in The Mist - MP3

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