Saturday, May 12, 2018

Dranas I Need Your Blood or Anyone Else Think the Spider is Sexy?

Here our adventurers continue into the spider domain. Battling venomous spiders and more that phase. They have discovered these to be followers of Mazmezz. They find a few spider sacs that appear to be hiding some type of humanoid. They cut into these and discover the body of a dark skinned elves, known as Drows. They are holding a ceramonial blade in their hands with a necklace sac with black rock in it...but what could this mean?

Continuing down their path they notice a small statue with holes above. Volkorn is teased to providing a sacrifice. He convinces Dranas to cut his hand and insert his blood into this Statue. Nothing much happens but Dranas' blood starts to poor out of the bottom. They decide to venture on with nothing happening. Volkorn glances back to notice blood starting to overflow but thinks nothing of this and continues.

They come up to two more larger spiders that have drow women torso's. Dranas fully naked and alert upon seeing these spideresses decides to try his hand at courting spider bewbs. After some back an forth the spiders decides to attack and follow their mothers desire to kill the intruders. A large battle commences with one of the spider ladies to phase away as the battle continues. Warning, interspecies erotica is contained within the continuous story of RODs...damnit dranas...damnit...

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