Saturday, April 14, 2018

The Tournament Closes or F the Town Gaurds

We start off this action packed episode with more ROD:Tournament Fighter Championship Alpha 3. I don't wish to spoil the champion for you but the fights were clean, and the crowd rejoiced.During the tournament Daryl noticed the Barrier around the arena dissipated. Informing Dranas, Dranas comes up with the only plan he knows... ATTACK! As the final blow to Gregory lands, burning him to ash, Daryl and Dranas appear within the arena in front of all to see! The guards take control and pull them in for questioning... This is where Daryl shines, taunting the guards with his Teleport spell. This leads him to being detained overnight and locked in a collar. The collar itself when worn redirects the spells casted by the owner back to themselves.

The Tournament Closes or F the Town Gaurds - MP3

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