Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Magical items but why or HE STOLE MY CLOUDSONG!!!

I do apologize for the late update due to personal reasons of travel but lets get back into it again!

Here we are with the RODs continuing into the unknown. After much debate on which path to take crew flips the metaphoric coin and start there adventure. The group seems to have found a skull with 2 yellow gems. After Daryl holds the amulet and hears a crackling voice in his head whisper of an song (Light Bright, Light Bright, shine so bright). Upon testing it, the eye shine out with a light so bright that he feels that it may blind a person.

The adventurers continue their journey to watch Stug go Kenshiro on enemies, which upsets Volkorn who is itching to get some blood on his hammer! The group continue their battle in which Dranas swings his Bastard Sword only to hold it incorrectly and hurt his wrist dropping his sword. One of the Ghoul sees its chance and grabs the Sword and starts to take off! Dranas drops his shield and pull out his mighty 2H and yells for his sword to return. Stug and Dranas take chase. Stug runs through 2 enemies down the hall with no care that he is being swung upon to look down the final hall to not see the Ghoul or the sword of his comrade.

Volkorn attempt to help locate the sword but to no prevail. The group continues on and come to fight a dark knight creature holding a Halberd with black steel with a icy mist fuming off of it. Come and listen to the struggle of RODs.

Magical items but why or HE STOLE MY CLOUDSONG!!! - MP3

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