Saturday, February 11, 2017

It's Leviosa or the bet of a lifetime!

Sorry for the delay. Much sickness and 10 ft felt like 10 miles.
Our adventurers are awakened by strong whistling and wind from the final door, as if what is inside can hardly wait. The food spoiled for breakfast, could it be an omen? The adventurers eat from the food they have and pay it no mind. They get their items ready and head through the door, but this time the door itself disappears after they make their way in. Leaving no place to go but forward.

They enter into a hallway with a 37ft ceiling, cast in unbreakable stainless glass of random patterns and colored in red. Trim that binds it is pure gold. Dranas being Dranas decides to test said glass below himself. Stug decides to scout the room with the pillar of light to find 3 groups of Air Elementals patrolling. Stug makes the ultimate stug move to start off this section of The Game.

Still waiting on Daryl to have some spare time to have his Dragon Party. This will be text based and posted once we get it finished. We just got the beginning and I feel its going well and getting a little deep for Daryl as a character. Only time will tell what lays waiting for the future of Daryl and the rest of the group. So come and enjoy our adventure.

Its Leviosa or the bet of a lifetime! - MP3

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