Monday, November 23, 2020

Children or Chicken? or The Deception of Joseph.

Alefest in Kraal continues as the village is taken over by Marileth

Friday, April 10, 2020

Just Kramen Things or The Birth of BirdNautz

Daryl and Stug leave the Fairy pond flying.
They run into a flock of geese but Daryl burns them with his fire breath
The GM has a Corona fit during quick maths and the geese crisp away and fall to the ground.

Volkorn continues his crafting in Malo's mansion.
Dranas rudely contemplates what would happen if a mage's mansion was created inside of another mage's mansion. Volkorn continues to craft with impressive skill (high rolls).
Daryl waits outside while Stug enters Malo's mansion and is greeted by Zeebo.
Daryl tells Stug to tell Volkorn about Kramen but Volkorn refuses interruption.
Daryl messages Volkorn to come outside and is interrupted anyway.
They discuss the future, kill Kramen? Ask Malo? Ask Malo.
Malo tells them that marked ones are kept safe by Kramen because they are held prisoner by him. He rules them under an iron fist. Volkorn quickly questions Malo's whereabouts during the Destruction of Durandal. Malo refutes any collusion in the act.
Malo continues to explain that Kramen marks people at birth and they become one of his followers.
Volkorn goes back to his crafting and Malo comments that it looks "pretty rad."
Daryl visits Volkorn while he crafts and spends some time with his brother


He converses with his brother and makes Volkorn uncomfortable but he continues to craft.
Nautz questions whether he will be able to catch fireflies again. Yes. SO many fireflies.

The sun begins to set as Dranas goes to the edge of a pier . the lake is crystal clear, fish swim in it. as darkness approaches you see a slight glow emanate from the fish. the lake has steam rising from it.
there are other elvish folk there as well as women and children skipping rocks.
there are huts and trees with people crafting items. shops, houses, etc. Dranas looks for a food vendor and finds 4 or 5, buys food and then retires to his room at the Gaia Inn.

Back to Daryl, the conversation continues.
His brother tells his account of the Destruction of Durandal. Mom and Dad tried to comfort him, they knew it was the end. The fire was everywhere very quickly. Daryl explains how Nautz was saved and our plans of birddom. Daryl then reads some Pirates of the Malestorm to him.

We then fade to black and return to Volkorn and his crafting. who is right next to Daryl.

Back to Dranas, he hears a knock at the door. A couple elf dudes, one of them is Chadwick from the weapons shop, his friend is Golias. They giggle quite a bit after a fart is heard. Chadwick and Golias ask to see Dranas's arm and confirm that he is unmarked. All Elves should be marked at birth.
Kramen's domain is underground, he protects the marked ones as long as they remain in the forest. The mark allows Kramen to see where his population is at and sends a beast of hell after those who attempt to flee.
Chadwick commends Dranas on his fine elvish blade. As he handles the blade it does not burn him but it does seem to begin smoldering the handle recently affixed to it.Dranas questions why the blade only burns or harms him and not Chadwick and Golias. Chad and Gol believe that no more elves exist outside the forest. Not since the Dragons burned everything down. GolChad can only translate a small portion of it and they are both shocked to hear that Dranas found it laying on the ground.
Chadwick reveals that when one of them dies, they are put into a pod and they grow into a tree. every tree in the forest is a member of our past. Chadwick believes its ok to skin people in the name of science. Dranas concocts a plan to feed a person until they become obese and then encourage massive weight loss so they can harvest the additional skin left over to make a handle.
Was the sword made by the royal army?
Dranas asks to test another idea, to use Gabinoid.

Back at Daryl's mansion Volkorn reads scripture now that his crafting appears to be complete.
Volkorn needs the blood of an innocent. The party discusses what that means and whose blood may be sufficient. Volkorn uses his own blood PRIMO OCTU NICTAY and slides the dick in. It begins to shine and Nautz begins to attempt speech which proves difficult. Nautz suddenly exclaims that he has to take an ethereal shit because he does not trust his farts.
Daryl refreshes the mansion and much of the party retires to their rooms.
We decide to then take a small break but never return to the game.


Saturday, March 14, 2020

Hunting party scares or Fairy pond bathing

daryl teleports to stug in the cold
he changes to a dragon and they fly

Dranas crafts a handle while zeebo watches on
he wakes up Malo with his loud ass armor
Malo casts silence on him
he looks through Malo's books

Stug and Daryl flyyyyyy
they come upon a farm
the father pisses himself
stug corkscrew leaps onto a horse that has strayed, he slips and falls into the snow
he expertly catches up and remounts the mare. he then returns her to the farm
Stug helps the daughters care for their father while Daryl sticks his head in the window

Esteris is the daughter
bandits sometimes come steal their crops. its middle of winter. when spring breaks they will return.
Daryl makes Esteris a teleport scroll and hands her a pre-prepped one. he tells her about Durandal
Stug finishes fixing their wagon
cares for the man
they then go hunting and Daryl finds a buck

one of the girls lifts it easily

they go off to hunt and find a fairy pond
Stug finds Treyu, a friend fairy, then bathes in the pond.

more speak of the mark and kramen

only those that are righteous caN SEE HIM
only those that will succeed him can beseech him
only those that are chosen will surpass him

Friday, February 28, 2020

Arts and crafts with Volkorn and Dranas! or Stugs new torture friends!

Volkorn listens to loud music and is asked to turn it down

Dranas comes upon a travel-forge left behind by an elvish troop with a half-craft black elvish blade lying next to it. It burns at the touch. 
Gavin and Daryl both look it over. Daryl sees the symbol of Yurlral on the base of the weapon and senses Druidic evocation powers and dark purple runes...

In Yuelral's passion cast down upon thee,
Those of the living, those of the flesh,

Stug tortures Azaelia and receives a coin for his efforts, markings etched in common.
sworn duty achaekek praying mantis picture
the one who walks in blood, deity of assassinations in death.