Saturday, October 26, 2019

The Dashing of Volkorns Ambition or The Return of Legacy

Hot off the heels of clearing a Torag dungeon,  Dranas collects 1000 silver from Clarence Dropbottom for the trouble. Clarence then leaves with plans of snuff and unconsciousness.
Dranas pays for the gang to stay at a nearby inn. Heal Checks abound as Stug makes immediate use of the Inn’s incidental policy when he rips up the flooring in order to sleep in the earth. Gaelic reunites with the ROD and catches up on information.

Daryl awakes near the remains of Cayden’s Beard, only rubble and ash are left. His first vision was of Ronda, wearing a UFA armband, tending to him. Upon learning the danger of the area, Daryl teleports them away. The 2 lovers plan a secret rendezvous point should trouble ever arise and Daryl kisses her goodbye as he goes back out in search of his comrades.

Later, in Daryl’s mansion, Volkorn’s pleads for guidance are answered in a dream. Gary and Larry in a bar, Brokeback bandits in Tor’ar Castle, Malo’s Mansion, and more. DreamKeeper Volkorn laments that he can only analyze the dreams of OTHERS and not his own. He awakes with a sense of guilt.

Upon self-reflection Volkorn decides to seek out the cadaver of the child they witnessed die. 3rd Shift officer Carl Withers happily guides Volkorn past the security doors into the holding area. They happen to pass by the cell that contains a man, face down, with a dagger protruding from his back, the handle black and curved, seems to have the texture of wood but Carl reassures Volkorn that it is made of tusk. Volkorn offers help in information gathering and then casts “speak with dead”. The cadaver invokes the name of Brokeback bandits but Carl is quick to dismiss this information as ramblings. This may be why they keep passing you over for promotion Carl. This right here. They then make it to the coroners lab where Volkorn successfully revives the boy who later reunites with his mother.

Poses are struck! Dranas is amazing! That confidence. That glow. That charisma. That gleam off his armor. Damn!k

Goliath Mudbutt?

Much shopping is done as Dranas enchants his bastard sword, Stug and Volkorn visit Wanda’s Wonders, and Daryl assists Stug at testing his new bracers. They then decide that it’s likely time to resurrect Malo and teleport back to his mansion. Zeebo quickly corrects them. They are already a day late.

Zeebo presents a finger, enough to resurrect Malo. The team has now reunited with their long dead mentor and feel despair as they have not accomplished what Malo has expected of them. They then hound him for information concerning mysteries they have long-carried. The Shield? Black Lotus? What happened to you? What next? A Lich?
Find out next time. Right here.