Tuesday, September 24, 2019

Walls and Rage, a Hammer and a Book or Swallowed Some Whole, The Earth Had Shook.

     We rejoin what's left of the ROD in the depth's of this place of Torag-worship as Dranas and Stug remain standing amongst the carnage befallen them. Stug utilizes a Life Staff on Volkorn who lay lifeless, beard full of green vomit-ichor. He immediately restores himself further via his own magic spells.

     Stug finds the other monocle in Sweet's prison pocket and the party decides to carry Sweet Chuck's body as they progress forward. Dranas hears a sound and investigates a dark area but not before donning his trusty 'ol light cap and then cautiously presses on.

     Beyond the darkened ingress, our 3 living adventurers find a wide expanse of a room that seems to have a walkway defined in it's center. The sides of this walkway are aligned with large sculptures of earth elementals, 4 on each side. At the end, a podium with a hammer sat atop it and following that, an even larger elemental statue, seemingly standing guard in it's shadow.

     The party continues further.

     Volkorn feels the unmistakable seduction of destiny as he bravely steps closer, reaches out and confidently grips the handle of this unknown weapon with his calloused dwarven hands. He knew that despite any consequences that may arise, Dranas had dared him to do it, and it was therefore, inevitable. Those consequences would soon be realized as initiatives are rolled, and all 9 statues begin to animate and it's obvious to everyone in the room; they hate Guitar Hero. It's just clickclickclickclickclick.

     Stug rages. The elementals close in. Volkorn thinks quickly and commands the party to focus on the largest foe while he erects walls to keep the mob at bay. An elemental conjures the spirit of rabbit within him and jumps to grab Volkorn. It succeeds but finds himself quickly grasping at air when Volkorn dimensional hops away. Volkorn then summons air elementals to assist and an overwhelming force from a tactically focused ROD brings the beast to his knees, and then down, on top of Dranas. The remaining enemies fall one by one until the last takes Sweets and his few possessions under the earth and effectively leaves him buried. Amongst the death and destruction caused, Volkorn discovers and acquires a book. He then drops it. Dranas quickly picks it up, dusts it off, peruses a few pages, and exclaims "this is the gospel of Torag!" Volkorn then quickly takes it back and stores it in his bag.

     Daryl awakes in the care of Ronda. He begs her for water and scrys the party immediately. Her persuasions do not go unnoticed but fail to match a debt owed that Daryl feels towards his compatriots and new family. He makes a promise to return to Ronda as Daryl teleports back into the mortal fray.

     A familiar Chromatic Red Dragon breathes fire across enemies at Volkorns command as Stug releases a volley of trips and Dranas screams for help. Teamwork wins the day as the party climbs atop Karstim who takes a brisk victory lap to celebrate the sound victory over all their foes.

     Karstim soon fosters a healthy suspicion as the behavior of his now longtime friends, feels wrong. An adoration from Volkorn that has prior-to never been hinted at, a lack of "cunt" in Dranas's speech, and the assertion that our previous goals are no longer of concern to any of them. They impress upon Daryl, after landing in the middle of town back at Sangra, that they would rather pursue dreams of working a bar in town and retire from the life of an adventurer in favor of safety and relaxation. Volkorn then shocks Daryl by imprinting on his sperm and asking for her hand in marriage. Dranas expresses a strong desire to make what is known as a "Champion Turkey". A new location for Cayden's Beard appears to be underway. Volkorn successfully transfers the soul of Nautz into a clockwork songbird just like we had planned! This is amazing!


     Volkorn, Dranas, and Stug use the chaos stone to scry Daryl. They find him; motionless, amongst gravel, dead.


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