Thursday, June 6, 2019

We are the Cobras or Where is our leader...

Here our main adventure takes a backseat to Stugs side adventure. We meet The Cobras.
  • Stug
  • Talia
  • Drezban
  • Clark
  • Teeger

    This tale begins in a Mash tent at the army section ot Tor'ar. The group discusses their mission, to eradicate the Kobolds that are attacking a farmland to the South East. They are informed this is essential because a big war is in their future. After much debate and no sight of their commanding office Stug they decide to set off. But first want to make a stop to get some essentials. They head off to get some horses where Teeger gets into it with the Stable master for calling her an Orcish Bitch. After much back and forth the group eventually decides to take some horses. But Teeger vows to never forget this dishonor.

    The group then head to the supplies tent to get items for their journey. But they are informed they are in need of a acquisition forms which they do not have. Teeger see's items that she is wanting. She decides to hop over the counter and intimidate this young lady into stepping aside as she takes what she wants. After pillaging the supplies tent the group heads off to the their destination.

    Along the way Drezban and Talia get into it with verbal jabs with each other. On the eve where they decide to set up camp, Dranas decides to Piss in Drezban's Tent. Drezban replies with creating a wall and spewing out Acid Fog. After some time they stop their petty squabble. After some time they hear a familiar noise. The Broke Back Bandits comes up. Teeger tosses up the Broke Back hand signs. They pull over and greet each other. As they do there is a pile of kids that hop out of the back of the wagon. They talk about the past time where a Sect of Broke Back Bandits where attacked and kids where murdered. Some of those children where Teeger's supposedly.

    After a night the group wakes up with The Broke Back Bandits gone. The group continues on to their mission. They eventually get to town to hear the sounds of battle. The Cobra's take action! As they do they hear the Kobold's screaming in fear that they are trying to really kill them. They knock one out and notice he had dull rusted weapons. The others were able to run away.

    Teeger ask's for rope and ties up the unconscious Kobold to the fence, with his limbs tied to the horses. After some back and forth the Kobold called Teeger an Orcish bitch. Which the only logical Teeger reaction is to have the horses walk away pulling the limbs from the Kobold until they tear out allowing him to bleed to death. But before he does, he yells out "She will be ours again!"

    Afterwards they see Stug behind them just watching. He greats his group and then the guy they helped save, Skeeter has them head to the bar.During which Stug eventually heads of to check around seeing carts of food coming from a mine. He sinks into the group to get closer to where he eventually finds a dragon chained up and being whipped and yelled at to produce a variety of different foods. It seems this dragon has a peculiar ability. They do seem to feed the dragon gold, but with a better look it would seem the dragon is malnourished. Stug shrouds himself to talk to the dragon. How she was with the kobolds injured and that her name was Petra. She talks about how the humans took her from the kobolds who were trying to help her heal. But now she is chained up to be beaten and forced to make food. She gets tased by her handler for the night and Stug heads away.

    What will come of this information Stug discovered? How will he lead his team? What will become of the Kobolds? Only time will tell.

    We are the Cobras or Where is our leader... - MP3

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