Friday, June 7, 2019

Such a beautiful night out or Scorpions?! Wait! Elemental's too?!!

After Stugs return to the group, they were quite alarmed. As Stugs appearances have changed into more feline characteristics. After some time convincing the group, they are able to quit questioning the changes and banter on about if they should take the mansion or not. Gailic decides to make food as the group makes a decision. Eventually they decide to leave the mansion behind in Zeebo's, uh, capable hands? But he is happy in doing so reassuring the group that he will take care of the villagers and waves them off.

Daryl decides it is time to take form of a Dragon. Everyone decides they will climb on Daryls back. Stug calls out Ursa to ride as well. As they can tell there is not enough room for everyone. So after playing musical chairs the group decides who will ride who and Volkorn will be whisked away in Stugs strong champion arms. They fly until night starts to fall as they overpass a small quarry of Boulders and rubble.

Dranas heads out to get items for a fire to cook outdoors. Daryl scoffs at the idea of living like a peasant and creates his mansion door in aboulder. The rest follow but Dranas is stubborn and stays outside. Making sweet bread to eat and a good peaceful night to himself in his tent.

The group inside the mansion was having a great time. Food and drinks. Gailic dances with the mansions servants. Volkorn is perched on the couch watching the show and having a good time with the vibes. Stug decides to sleep, and eventually Daryl as well. As the party goes on in the living room something outside has a scent of something sweet in the air.

Back outside to Dranas as he sleeps, there is a spike that drops through his tent! Almost piercing his head! He rolls to his side. Then another spike comes down, narrowly missing his torso. Dranas leaves his belonging to run inside, naked. Gailic dancing with flour coated unseen servants and Volkorn just watching, Dranas bursts through the door! Yelling about how there is giant scorpions! They are battling 2 giant earth elemental's too! Trying to catch his breath.

He is invited to dance but refuses. Stating that his stuff is out there and maybe they might want to fight them? Volkorn does not care for this. Neither does Gailic. Stug and Daryl wake up from the commotion, and head to the window to see out the door. Sure enough there was giant beasts battling it out! After long talks about fighting or not the group takes a step outside, only for there to no longer be any fight going on and the two gargantuan sized scorpions are lifeless on the ground.

Gailic starts to break away the tail plating to reach its poison sack to harvest. He is able to do this cleanly. Volkorn decides he will try the other but cracks at the shell. He eventually asks Gailic for help. To which he complies and gives him some nice tips on harvesting poison a bit safer. Dranas is stabbing at the shell of the scorpion and it is quite durable. He asks Gailic if he can have the Scarab that he broke off earlier. He complies.

After harvesting the group Decides the trek onward to their chosen destination. What awaits then? Only time can tell.

Such a beautiful night out or Scorpions?! Wait! Elemental's too?!! - MP3

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