Thursday, June 6, 2019

Cobras Are Blood Thirsty Or How Do I Zip-line?!

Here we continue The Cobras mission to eradicate the Kobolds! Heading to the base of the mountain Stug assesses his groups ability to get up to the top where they believe an entrance may be. Teeger drinks a potion and heads up the mountain, undetected by the animals on its pass. The rest of the group goes up the steep side. After some struggling, and taunting from Drezban, the group makes it to an entrance. They head on into this cave where they eventual come up behind a Kobold sitting on the ledge with his lovable pet Mountain Lion. Teeger sneaks up on the kid and kills him instantly, the dog starts to howl but is also killed.

Talia searches the body to discover a weird contraption that she deduces will help with the zip-line. Teeger heads down first, to a small home on a cliff side within the hollow mountain. She peers in to see 2 more Kobold kids watching their Grandmother cooking. The rest head down, but Talia tries to use thew new item to help Zip-line. This is very slow as she is new to this device. Since Stug did not drink a pot a wolf started to howl. Teeger heads in, murdering the residence of this home. Then continue down to the next level attached to the Zip-line, but Teeger is still slowly making her way with her new device.

Teeger takes lead with the rest following. As they asses the next home Drezban tells Teeger he has an idea. For her to kick open the door and move away. She complies, and as she does Drezban sets off chained lightning killing 4 Kobold children. They continue their mayhem and Teeger figures out her Zip-Line Device, and is able to kill the Mountain lions that were starting to how alerting others. They keeps heading down killing people on one platform after another. Stugs eyes where caught by a nice house in the middle with a small pond and heads off on his own.

Stug meets a man claiming to be the leader of the Kobolds. They bot sit down at the pond with their feet bathing. They talk about what is going on. The Dragon, and how they became friends and depended on each other. He pleaded for Stug to spare the children at least, they are innocent. Stug used teleport to move behind him, telling him this is nothing personal and rips out his throat. He takes some items from this man and goes to meet his team.

They eventually get to the bottom where they see a large group of kids. Stug asks the group what their mission is, and that it is to eradicate those attacking the village. He asks the Cobra's to wait and leaps down whipping out his weapon he was granted from his wish. Turning one to stone, making another pop from poison. He eventually yells for the kids to leave and informs The Cobras their mission is complete.

The group head back into town. Many applauded them. Teeger was not happy with Skeeters attitude. Eventually she knocked him down and kicks him until he throws up. They eventually go off to celebrate at the bar as Stug heads off to release the the dragon. The ground rumbles and shakes. Teeger knows what has happened.

The group head back to Tor'ar in the morning. Teeger remembers her promise about the Stable master. She waits for the proper time for night to fall as she watches her prey. Studies his movements. Then she finds the opening. Shadow stepping into the barn to grab the Stable Master and beat him and releasing her rage to stab and slice him to death. His final words where garbled by blood, "You Orcish B---" as he passed to the afterlife

Cobras Are Blood Thirsty Or How Do I Zip-line?! - mp3

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