Sunday, March 17, 2019

The Tale Of The Jovians or Hey Was This The Gear You Wanted?

The adventurers made their way to the hill. They looked around for anything that could be there as to why this was marked on Malos map. Stug decides to do his Oread thing and travel through the ground to find a contraption that raised up through the hill allowing the RODsS to enter and lower themselves into the hill.

They make their way down and notice the walls have a large mural etched into it leading all through out this place. They make their way to the bottom level that the elevator is able to take them. The notice there is 2 gears missing from the walls and appear to be keyholes. Dranas decides to go back up a level to check out the rest of this place. Dranas discovers a giant angelic construct that does not react to him. He noticed there is a gear inside the construct with a Key in it. He bashes the construct until he can get the key gear out of it. He eventually comes back down with no other path to go and places the gear into the slot which popped the key out. he is able to turn it and the cave in front of them they hear noise of something moving. The right half of the cave floor risen up with a quickness. He kept turning the key to lower then raise the floor with confusion... After some time Dranas decides to go back upstairs when the floor is risen.

He meets another construct that does not move. He destroys this as well to get the key gear out. He comes back down to input the gear and turn the key. Unknowing to the group, Daryl is hanging out at the bottom of the cave looking for any clues. As the floor raises Daryl gets caught in the floor as it rises. He is flattened with the cave ceiling.

Dranas lowed the floor, and sSug goes to find Daryl's items and grabs a chunk of Daryl.

Daryl is visited by Malo in his afterlife regrettably requesting that Daryl goes back to the world as he is still needed for something later. Daryl decides that since this is not real he does want to return. He accepts the spell and returns back to his humanoid form.

Dranas turns the key once more. They make their way into the final chamber where they meet the last remaining memory of the Jovians, his name he had forgotten and only wished to be called Jovial. He lets them know that the only way in to the final chamber is to take his life to pull out the key gear. He tells the RoDsS about his ancestors. He warns them of the dangers that are stored behind the wall. Dranas and Volkorn have a serious conversation if they could even do this to see whats behind the door. As they discuss you hear screaming, and the sound of gears grinding. They turn around and they notice Jovial is flailing his arms at Stug as Stug is elbow deep inside Jovial trying to pull his gear out and gives it to Dranas.

The Tale Of The Jovians or Hey Was This The Gear You Wanted? - MP3

Secret Secrets or The Map has Blue Dots

Our adventurers continue on their journey but this time they have the power of a Mansion. Looking around and reminiscing in the past, the group notices a green orb. They are able to discover what would appear to be the 3rd Zeebo. Zeebo informed the group that he was created by the blood from the blood of 3 Sorcerer's; Zarkan, Teegle, and Malo. Daryl remembers what Malo done to him, take him blood and dropped it into the orb on the top floor. Daryl remembers that he is able to move the mansion.

As they are getting comfortable, Daryl notices some blue markings on the big map upstairs where he can control the house. He tells the group that he see's a marking. Eventually the rest of the group is able to see the blue dots that are marked by magic. Daryl decides to take off to the first dot.

While waiting to arrive at their destination, Volkorn decides to get Gailic drunk. Gailic is not a fan of hard liquors, so dranas offers him some of his wine. This turns out to be the 3 penis wine. While partying Stug lets it slip that Ursa likes to drink also, without a second though Gailic lets Ursa drink from his cup. Stug attempts to stop her, but she has already drank half a mug. Nothing was left to do except watch the impending mis-haps of our dear Gailic.

Eventually the group arrives to one of the markins on the map but see no way in. Stug decides to go into the ground with his Oread abilities. There Stug notices some type of lift mechanism. The group is able to head down below. The enter a dusty yet elegant hall that is covered in a mural, showing the evolution of mankind. When they arrive to the bottom they are able to see humans become these other beings, clockwork constructs. To which lead to a great war of these gear like beings.

Dranas discoveres a gear missing and keyholes. he goes back top to notice constructs that are sitting still holding what appear to be gears with keys in them. Dranas, doing what he does best in these situations doesnt hesitate to not think and charge in! Come and find out the destiny of the RODsS.

Secret Secrets or The Map has Blue Dots - MP3