Friday, January 4, 2019

Fly You Fools Or Dranas Is At It Again!

We begin this chapter with the rodSS hope onto Daryl in dragon form flying off to the castle in the center. The Wendigo's took pursuit after them. Sweet Chuck started to cast out Fireballs after the Wendigo's which numbers raised the further they flew, hearing the loud tone they made earlier to call more. When they approached the broken castle they noticed the numbers to dwindle until they were no longer being chased. Nor did they hear the sounds of the Wendigo's.

The group started to check out the castle itself where they noticed a stone chair sitting in the setter. They also noticed a floating eye just watching them from a distance. Sweet Chuck takes action to toss Magic Missile's after it. They group kept exploring where Stug noticed a tunnel underneath the chair. Dranas started to charge the chair and podium to move it. Once the tunnel was exposed the sound of explosions getting closer and closer was heard. The ground outside the castle was blowing up and getting closer. Stug went into the group and moved away. Dranas slid down the ladder assuming nothing outside would get him there...only to realize that the tunnel itself was blowing up.

Dranas pinned under rubble and already coming back to life once from his paladin ways started to suffocate due to the rubble pressing on his chest. Volkorn and Stug rush to start trying to get through the rubble. Stug, for some reason unknown by pc (:P) mended into the rocks and moved to dranas to give him a necklace that would give him an air bubble, which fails. They get close and closer to Dranas, but with little under half the tunnel left Dranas has his final ponder of how awesome all his life choices have been...slipping away into the darkness.

The group eventually get to Dranas's lifeless body and shrinks him down to transfer his body easier to a town in hopes to get materials to resurrect their fallen friend. During this time Dranas has his own heaven but is greeted also by Malo. Malo gives him information on what is going on, but not a lot as usual. He also explains that he is wanting to be resurrected in the future and that he can find something in his home that is familiar to the group in his home that he gave control to Daryl near the true Archives of Nethys.

Come and witness the trials and tribulations of the RODss.

Fly You Fools Or Dranas Is At It Again! - MP3

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