Saturday, November 10, 2018

We playing Blitzball or Wait I Didn't Port Here

After fighting off a group of Wendigo Dranas becomes cautious of the Building that shows a blue tint to it. The Bradbury's Home of the BrokeBack Orphans. Not able to detect evil on the house, feeling of a void, he tries to convince the group to burn the entire place down. They notice a broken down castle to the north east. They continue to try to figure out what is going on in the Brokeback Orphanage but the sun is starting to set. Dranas volunteers to walk in to see if he can set off traps, Volkorn reminds him that he already walked in and out without issue.

Everyone but SweetChuck and Daryl enter the orphanage and discover a bar with various bottles with different colored liquids, nothing is labeled. Dranas contemplates the negatives of just trying them.

Stug inspects what appear to be graves outside that has bodies of Stugs old raiding group, with an X on top to show signs of their kind. Stug notices feet prints moving to the NE. Stug pays his respect to the fallen. Afterwards the group outside hears the loud noise that was made by the Wendigo they battled before. Stug tries to ride Ursa into the building but can not fit. He tries to pull ursa into his shield. Where a flicker of white light Ursa disappear and now if shown on Stugs shield.

The Wendigo are able to make an attack on SweetChuck but Dranas takes the damage with quick thought. Daryl decides to use his Aqueous Orb to take SweetChuck and ram him into the door of the Orphanage. This does not work as he imagines it would. The group start to take action against the Wendigo's. Some of the group tried to Teleport but it did not go as planned. Upon seeing some disappear the others make the same attempt and find them selves teleported to a basement with Cellars and 3 hanging bodies. Dranas starts to find notes scattered about while searching.

We playing Blitzball or Wait I Didn't Port Here - MP3