Saturday, August 4, 2018

Why Don't The Dwarfs Care Or What? That's Not Black Lotus!

Here we start the day off in the Mages Mansion where Dranas starts to cook breakfast for all. Daryl lays about on the couch contemplating his meeting with Gary and Larry and every so often ganders at Dranas rumbling about in the kitchen. Once food is ready and others wake up and gather to eat Daryl starts to talk about what he wants to do for the day. Find this Black Lotus. Dranas just talks about his gear that he is having made. Stug is just there ready for adventure.

After a lighthearted meal the RoDs decide it is time to claim what they have been seeking Black Lotus. In the attempt to retrieve what lays in Mount Tomo before the goblins of Kobm that are there now excavating. They Teleport randomly again, get their barrings and decide to head towards the northern region. Upon so they notice a figure stuck in vines with a green mist emanating from it. There they see an Orc unconscious and trapped within. Dranas ventures head first unaffected by this mist. As Daryl decides its his time to act does what comes natural. Burn everything in front of him. This would include the trapped unconscious Orc. After being attacked the Orc regains consciousness and reacts to the situation with more fire. The group introduce themselves and meet a new traveler Sweet Chuck.

This is a shorter game as we got to know our new player and had him roll a char and somewhat caught him up to speed.

Why Don't The Dwarfs Care Or What? That's Not Black Lotus! - MP3

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