Saturday, June 23, 2018

The Harp of Angels or Dranas's Justly Rewards

The group killed off the blood clot of dranas and pillage the treasure chest, after being told by dranas's spider gf that it holds his destiny he pulls out a card of many things. They share a special moment in each others eyes. She tells Dranas that he must kill her mother and she is just below if he follows the broken wall that has a floor made of webbing that spirals down into the darkness.

Daryl tries to come to reasoning. Wondering if there is another way to go through without being seen or killing the mother and maybe finding the Black Lotus. Dranas informs him that they are killing the mother. Daryl asks if she might be enslaving the spiders. Any answer of reason. Dranas exclaims because she is evil! Daryl lets out a sigh and decides there is no reasoning.

Dranas stands just beyond the entrance and exclaims "I have come for you demon". The long battle with much lightning, punching, kicking, flying, masturbating, and blood the group was able to take out the spiders. Dranas is grabbed by his spider gf and is pulled down with her into the darkness as she repells down with her webbing. encasing them for some alone time. Dranas is given his rewards. He beds a spider woman and collects some platinum after being informed what is hers is his. Sadly Dranas knows not her name, but the sound she makes. The rest of the group harvest and await for dranas to come back. Stug needing to show up for work within a day says he needs a ride back to tor'ar. They make their way through the town where they notice a familiar duo. The old man that talks of doom and apsu, along with his pig brother, are back. Stug infuriated remembering his promise to himself if he ever seen him again he would kill that pig. The group walks up to the old man and stug starts whaling on him without warning. knocking the old man out and the pig runs off.

The Harp of Angels or Dranas's Justly Rewards - MP3

Love the Smell of Burnt Spiders in the Morning or Uncle Flow

After having another 8 hours of rest due to fatigue within the group.The group was able to figure out what the pillars that glow once they put pressure onto it the room of smoke cleared from the doors opening on both sides. Smoke pouring out from whence they came. Daryl, who was invisible, decided to scout to notice a room of four figures that appear to be studying at each corner of the room. Acid Fog!The group await for for the fog to dissapate. They notice that the humanoids still appear to be standing but all around them is gone, ate by the acid fog. The group does what they do best, attack! As they attack and stab the bodies they notice that they are not moving to defend. They are already dead. They hear a noise to the back, a blood humanoid presents itself. As it comes closer they notice that it has a familiar face...the face of Dranas!

Love the Smell of Burnt Spiders in the Morning or Uncle Flow - MP3

Saturday, June 9, 2018

You Got No Time to Die or Slumber Party Sleep Over!

Here our lovely group continues to adventure forth through the evil. After Dranas gets his quest for advancements with a spiderwoman that squeezed his lil elvish cheeks.... butt cheeks.

They make it to the next room where they encounter a bridge to cross within a room with a long dark pit. Once they advance the doorway shuts with a slab of concrete leaving Daryl and Volkorn seperated from the group outside.

A Battle ensues with more of the phasing spiders. Volkorn and Daryl join in the fight by appearing in the middle of the bridge room. More spiders attack. Dranas runs off to his own demise... The spiders take him down and chew on him until his life is extinguished.

The battle exhausts the party and with the room on fire Daryl decides it's time for everyone to sleep over at his mansion.

You Got No Time to Die or Slumber Party Sleep Over! - MP3