Wednesday, May 2, 2018

Looking for Black Lotus or Hey that spider is kind of hot

Here out adventurers decide that with their time before having stug report to duty Volkorn wishes for them to go looking for black lotus.They teleport randomly to the forest of elves. Daryl flies up to try and get their barrings. He notices a large tree to the north and some mountains to the south.

As they walk through they get attacked by some giant spiders! Which they notices a part of the forest is covered in webbing. They decide to head in and look for Black Lotus.

This first part was an authorized ROD designed dungeon where our heroes much fetch 2 items to open their path. They are able to do this in a long winded manner. Dranas seems to have an affinity towards spiders and the ones that had women's (yeah, i know) torso's. Volkorn not wanting to have any of that smashes the spider woman with his hammer of cayden!

Dranas in disappointment feels that tingle down below. There is evil lurking underneath his feet.

Come and find out how this tale unfolds.

Looking for Black Lotus or Hey that Spider is kind of hot

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