Thursday, April 26, 2018

Come on guys lets celebrate or Wecome to Jurassic Park

In the process of Dranas being released they asked for blood and not for him to leave any time soon in case of more questioning. They also draw blood from Daryl, but the Lab Tech notices the oddity of Daryls condition. Dranas informs the group of what happened and all decide to go to the after party. Volkorn is given illusions of Teegle beckoning him... he ignores the call and decides it's time to PARTY! But on the second time heeds its warning.

The group talk with Teegle and make plans on how they could get Daryl out of prison but at the very least his blood so he can not be tracked. They then take their charge at the Guards Station, Tor'ar PD! After talking trash for some time they made no true lead as an attempt to lure them into a fight. Volkorn decides its time to release his Jurassic Park. Eventually breaking through a side fence and then the building itself. They continue to take on the towns guards killing all to leave not a single witness. Two however are able to make a fleeting escape. Whether they noticed who the attackers where remains to be unseen. The Lab Tech that was taunting Daryl decides to make a final run with Daryl's blood only the be grasped in the teeth of a T.Rex!

Teegle is able to help sneak out Daryl with his magical snuggy of invisibility. The group cleans up and makes sure all the blood around where Daryls spilled was mixed well before making their departure leaving the Dinosaurs reeking havoc. They meet back at Teegles home in Tor'ar to see that all is good where Daryl decides to sleep over to be more with his father that he has yet to really get to know.

-- Come on guys lets celebrate or Wecome to Jurassic Park - MP3 --

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