Saturday, February 17, 2018

Where do we go from here or Maybe we pillage a bit?

Here we see the ROD return from whence they came. Bringing along with them Stug....and a dead body. After everyone calmed down from the night the group decided to check out the old village and see if there is anything they can find useful. They look to Gavins place for weapons and maybe some of his powder. Which they come across some decent weaponry they also discover an in ground safe. Volkorn, completely out of character, summons Frost Giants entities to smash the safe open. All this is doing is pushing the door down into the safe. Eventually Daryl comes to shrink the busted door to reveal its contents; Some of Gavins Red Powder, Half of a parchment that appears to have ingredients, and coin.

After rummaging through the rest of the town the group decides they want to look at Mount Tomo again. Stug is able to go through the mountain only to find out that this place is surrounded with the vibrating material. Can find no vulnerabilities. They attempt a daring teleport. Only to find themselves in a small shrine that overlooks Mount Tomo from afar. After a strange encounter with the locals the RoDs decide its time to split and head back to Mount Tomo. This time they decide to use the Red Powder from Gavins safe. With everyone "safely" at the base of the moutain Volkorn goes in for the plant. Placing the powder on the top of the vibrating cylinder to spark it and port out. The mountain erupts with such force that it turns the entire top of Mount Tomo into dust! When everything settles the group head back to the top. What they see is the cylinder still intact and vibrating...but with a small chip now. Volkorn, with hope in his eyes, declairs that they need more of this powder!

Once the group heads to Tor'ar they enter the tournament that is held, except for Volkorn who is busying plotting his next sale of Ale and Brandy, with the Caidens Beard commemorative mugs. Stug has VIP access to all events due to him being a previous champ. And where his hotel is hosting UHHH!!! in their section. There is no way Volkorn, Dranas, and Daryl is going to miss seeing UHHH!!!

Where do we go from here or Maybe we pillage a bit? - MP3

Saturday, February 3, 2018

Wraith Inspectors or Beat it, it's the Fuzz

Continuing off with Dranas under full Paranoia. The group try to calm him. After many words and much screaming they are able to subdue Dranas. They continue to check out the rooms,and discover that the house of Wraith is a family of treasure hunters. Daryl ponders upon this fact and the key he obtained. Daryl goes through a girls room and discovers she and the guy he took the key from lived here at one point. As well as obtaining a new sound scroll from Garilyn Manson - Tainted love... "Poser.." Daryl states with much disappointment. After searching the top floor they see light protruding from a locked door. DRANAS SMASH! - DRANAS RUN! - Initiatives are rolled as they meet the man that Daryl took the key from with a girl he informs to run off. She does, yelling the entire way. Volkorn makes an attempt to hold him with hold person. This fails. It is returned by a mass hold person. With a glypse of arrogance the guy that Daryl taken the key from informs them of their mistake only to be smacked by Stug and his infinite combo. Stug is at a rage, stomping this man to death and continuing only to be detained by his cohorts.

The group hear the whistling of what they presume to be guards that the woman was able to call upon.Thinking fast..but not fast enough. Daryl teleport's everyone, even the dead body. They appear in Kobm. In the middle of a busy street. A goblin looks at them, then the dead body. Goblins are in shock, the guards are called for.Daryl yells for everyone to hold on. And they arrive back from whence they came, Durandall. Daryl becomes emotionally unstable and runs off, transforming into a dragon. Dranas takes chase. Volkorn and Stug decide to bury the body and give it final rights as they lay the man to rest that they trespassed into his home. Rummaged through his things. and then murder at the hands of Stug. Come and join us on our lighthearted adventures!

Wraith Inspectors or Beat it, it's the Fuzz - MP3