Saturday, January 20, 2018

Stug and Daryl bff or Tresspassing paladin

In this tale Daryl presents a choice to the group. To find out where this key goes to. Dranas is against this choice, but stug hears the call to adventure and grabs daryls arm as they teleport to the Estate they now believe holds the secrets to this key.

Dranas runs to Volkorn to tell him about Daryl's taste for shenanigans! Dranas tries to plea with Daryl through message stone. Daryl tired of his beckoning tosses his message stone out of the attic that they have entered due to an open window and flying. Unbeknownst to Dranas, he got worried of his friends inability to reply. They decide to check on them. At the front gate Volkorn and Dranas try to message Daryl one more time, only to hear his voice coming just feet away just behind the gate itself.

Dranas must investigate to see if his friend is in danger, and to bring him back from the trouble he has started. Volkorn reaches for Daryl's message stone and narrowly escaping the bite of a guard dog. They notice the attic wind and decide that is where they must have entered. They take flight... Seriously after writing all this out... I feel like I am watching Steiner from final fantasy 9.

Stug and Daryl bff or Tresspassing paladin - MP3

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