Saturday, November 10, 2018

We playing Blitzball or Wait I Didn't Port Here

After fighting off a group of Wendigo Dranas becomes cautious of the Building that shows a blue tint to it. The Bradbury's Home of the BrokeBack Orphans. Not able to detect evil on the house, feeling of a void, he tries to convince the group to burn the entire place down. They notice a broken down castle to the north east. They continue to try to figure out what is going on in the Brokeback Orphanage but the sun is starting to set. Dranas volunteers to walk in to see if he can set off traps, Volkorn reminds him that he already walked in and out without issue.

Everyone but SweetChuck and Daryl enter the orphanage and discover a bar with various bottles with different colored liquids, nothing is labeled. Dranas contemplates the negatives of just trying them.

Stug inspects what appear to be graves outside that has bodies of Stugs old raiding group, with an X on top to show signs of their kind. Stug notices feet prints moving to the NE. Stug pays his respect to the fallen. Afterwards the group outside hears the loud noise that was made by the Wendigo they battled before. Stug tries to ride Ursa into the building but can not fit. He tries to pull ursa into his shield. Where a flicker of white light Ursa disappear and now if shown on Stugs shield.

The Wendigo are able to make an attack on SweetChuck but Dranas takes the damage with quick thought. Daryl decides to use his Aqueous Orb to take SweetChuck and ram him into the door of the Orphanage. This does not work as he imagines it would. The group start to take action against the Wendigo's. Some of the group tried to Teleport but it did not go as planned. Upon seeing some disappear the others make the same attempt and find them selves teleported to a basement with Cellars and 3 hanging bodies. Dranas starts to find notes scattered about while searching.

We playing Blitzball or Wait I Didn't Port Here - MP3

Saturday, October 27, 2018

A Fathers Pat or It's a Winnebago

Dayl continues his discussion with his father wanting answers. His fall is convinced he done this for Daryl's own good. To keep him safe and out of reach from a Zarkan that has been torn apart from the lost of his love and his child. He also dives deeper into who Malo, Teegle, and himself were as young kids and their crew was TMZ. He explained their struggle growing up and how they always had each others back. Zarkan was the first of the crew to get into Sorcery and got the others into it as well. They were growing up and strong until one day Teegle seen a fortune teller that seemed to call to him from a distance as it was back in an ally-way. This is when Teegle was informed of a dragons egg in an icy cavern. TMZ convinced they will see a dragon decide to make the journey to this cave. Where they find the egg but are interrupted by the sound of a dragon approaching. The TMZ turned invisible and started to just study them in the shadows. Eventually a Blue eyes dragon came close to Teegle as they were alone and explained that she see's him, this was Stalia.

Teegle eventually was asked when Zarkan turned evil and skipped the when he was had to helplessly watch his love, Saphira, and his unborn child get burnt alive as it went in to defend Stalia. Eventually Dranas heads the the Archives of Nethys to gain more knowledge. Stug goes along and makes an attempt to gain membership for learning languages. Eventually Brother Aaron comes up with the idea for Stug to give him a years worth of advertisement rights and stug gets 5 people to enlist and Aaron will wave his fee's but Stug would still need bring some type of antiquities. Stug agrees.

Eventually the group catch up together and Dranas informs everyone of what he read about. A town called Bradbury. Just north east of Tor'ar and they where family friends of the Tor'ars. He also discovers that they had a fued with 2 other families as well that has lead to multiple conflicts. Also from visiting the town hall he had the additional info on the kids of Tor'ar, one who is Lydia, but also seen from pictures of the Bradbury's that Lydia looks like the mother Nadia Bradbury, who also had a daughter named Nadia. Many theories ensue. But they decide to find the location and teleport there but not before they catch up on where Teegle went.

Teegle appears to be part of the Boat Race's of Oasis. He has a partner named Dom and they are prepping for a big race coming up. Dranas not wanting to accept what he is seeing decides to yell for the group to head to Bradbury. Volkorn complies and they port to a burnt down town to which they would assume to be Bradbury. They head on into the history of some big battle as night is starting to set they see a creepy looking humanoid that is drinking from a puddle of some sorts;This hideous shape has the head of a feral elk with jagged teeth and sharp antlers. Its humanoid legs end in blackened, burnt stumps. They are the Wendigo.

A Fathers Pat or It's a Winnebago - MP3

Saturday, September 29, 2018

My Bar What Happened To My Bar Or Hey That Voice I Remember That Voice

So our story begins quite normal in comparison. Daryl speaks with Sweet Chuck about his buttplug ventures where Sweet Chuck lets him know that he has some background in glass blowing and may be of some assistance. Overhearing this Dranas decides that maybe he should get a Spider dick made from Daryl for his spider gf. Daryl refuses due to him now wanting to know the intricacies of a spiders dick. They decide to craft one using Dranas as the model. But this requires him to stay hard for an extended time.

Stug heads off to work to speak with Steveo, the Rogue captain that had ties to Broke Back Bandits, to bring him back to Teegle's place to have a conversation with Volkorn about what he was able to foresee about the Broke Back Bandits raid on the castle within a week. He talks with his subordinates and practices to pass the time as he awaits for Steveo to be done with his daily duties.

Dranas continues his journey to find a way to stay hard for Daryl. He procures an item from a local Herbalist shop that is promised to keep him aroused for extended periods of time. With interest Dranas watches an infomercial about Three Penis Wine. With the item purchased and a warning to drink with caution Dranas heads back to Teegles to start the work needed to maintain his freakiness. Dranas informs Daryl he is ready and in the living room he disrobes and drinks from the Three Penis Wine. Daryl lends a helping hand with his Unseen Servant to help Dranas rise to the occasion. Volkorn just sitting on the couch asks if they could go somewhere else while he sits and drinks. Questioning his life choices he decides its time to see about procuring land but from The Farmer that owns the land on Caidens Beard.

Once in Celest Volkorn heads to The Farmers house but is greeted by a Goblin. He inquires about the owner and is informed that it is now owned by Quark.Quark talked to Volkorn in the kitchen about how this all came to be. From The Farmer to fall into debt with Quark to him trying to pay it off with a night of gambling to only fall into deeper debt where he finally lost the Deed to the farm. Quark informed Volkorn that he did not want to sell him land. But Volkorn eventually got to him with decent price for the requested amount of land but if came with a price of a monthly fee. And he inquired what Quark could do about maybe him being the only bar in town in he has to pay a hefty monthly fee. Quark informed him that could be done but the bar was in trouble lately where the patrons turned on each other in a violent and cannibalistic way. Volkorn takes his leave to the bar, but not after trying to browse the kitchen area for the deed itself.

Back to Dranas and Daryl making a clone of his dick in diamond. Dranas is fully aroused and starts to force himself on the Unseen Servant to which it could not take the damage and survive. Dranas steps back and feels the soft fur of the couch behind him starts to gently rub himself on it. At this time Teegle shows up with a wide eyed expression as he looks at his son on his knees looking closely at Dranas. He eventually deduces that his son is just doing his hobbies and asks what they are doing there. Dranas informs Teegle of what Volkorn has seen in the mist, a Dragon named Saphira. Upon hearing this voice Teegle immediately teleports away.

Volkorn makes it to Caidens Beard to notice a pit to the side with something smoldering. He sees Dalton, bruised up and on a crutch next to the pit. He explains to volkorn that there was something wrong with the Bear Meat and the people turned on each other. They had to kill the infected and burned the infected bodies. Bar itself was under Quarantine and when inquires about Britney, Dranas's Apprentice Chef, only for Dalton to reply with a long stare towards the burning bodies in the pit. Volkron tells Dalton to take the money in the safe and use it to get someone to find out how this occured. Dalton informed him he will get in touch with a long time friend, Odo. Volkorn also visited the town hall to see what they might know and to know about the Town Mayor that Quark informed him may have decided to leave. He makes his way and gets a Toxicology Report of the bar and presumes the goblins might have set them up. He also inquires about running for mayor of Drasberry, the town that the bar is in. After finding out that elections will be held in little over 4 months, once springs arrives.

Volkorn makes his way back to Teegles home to notice what is occuring inside. Dranas completes his masterpiece and blows to dust off the newly shaped Diamond Dick of Dranas. Dranas no longer can hold it in. From the hot air blown by Daryl makes him fully erupt. Blowing his entire load onto Daryl's chest. Daryl frozen in place just looks at his chest. Ursa the bear comes over and starts to lick up his chest. Daryl then goes off to his room in Teegles home stating that he now requires 100,000 gold and starts to wash himself for the first time in months. Eventually Stug shows up with Steveo and Volkorn tries to make buddy buddy with him and tries to come out right about breaking into the castle only to be laughed at. Eventually Steveo leaves after being no help and drinking what he could from Volkron.

The group then decide to Scrye Teegle to see where he may have went off to. They are presented with the same mist that was around the Red Dragon Saphira. Dranas rummaging through his bags remembers the Chaos Emerald that he acquired long ago and drops it into the Scrying Pool. This enhanced to the point they can hear what is going on inside. It is Teegle. He is talking to someone and informs him that he heard from a good source that Saphira is still alive. They hear a reply shouting "WHO TOLD YOU THIS!?" from a recognizable voice; Zarkan. The group not knowing how to process that Teegle has been in contact with Zarkan all this time. Volkorn explains that can not go back to the life that Teegle wants, that he must get his revenge on those that done this. Until he gets his dragon. He scolds Teegle still blaming him for the death of his love, Saphira. Stating this all was his fault and could have been avoided if he had just gotten his Dragon. With limited time Teegle and Zarkan leave to reconvene in 3 days.

After this the group hears a knock on the door. They are greeted by a couple kids asking for donations to an orphanage. Dranas gives them some platinum chunks. Though the group recognizes the clothing patterns of Broke Back Bandits and Dranas decides to give his hounds another try in the hallway. After maybe an hour the hound starts to bark then stops. They open the door to see a young child Pizza Delivery man that is laying on the ground. where he is dying. Dranas uses his Lay on Hands to revive the kid.Confused at who would order a pizza for them the door down the hall opens up to an old lady who cries about her pizza delivery.

After much antics Teegles pulls Dranas to a cave and chats with him more about Saphira. In which he requests more proof of what they discovered. Dranas states he will attempt to do so and returns to Teegles apartment. He tells this to Volkron who decides to Scrye Saphira again, but this time they will use the Chaos Emerald. Doing so they are granted sight of Saphira but also hear the drippings of water in the background. Volkorn Meesage's Saphira and asks her for more information about her. She talks as if its the first time, introducing herself. Volkorn says Daryls real name, Karstim, to which Saphira replies that this is her fathers name. They ask about her mother which she replies Chahlea. He tells her to stay safe and that they are coming. Saphira says "That voice, I remember that voice." as if they were not having a conversation moments ago. When she hears of Zarkan she remembers him with pain and anguish as if her memories are hard to be reaches but she is trying to remember. Zarkan her beautiful little Fire Starter. Moments later when Volkorn talks again Saphira claims that she remembers his voice. Volkorn keeps pushing Saphira about who the blonde woman is, if its Tracy or Lydia. Saphira in pain still tries to pull something from memory as Volkorn guides her.He is able to pull the name, Lydia. Remembering someone say "They will get on top of that Lydia.". Volkorn asks her to repeat herself to which she replies "That voice, I remember that voice.". Volkorn keeps pushing and finds out that Saphira also was with a child and asked if he was born.

Daryl questions if he is even Teegles kid at all or is it possible he is the unborn child of Zarkan. Wanting answers but they are informed by Dranaas that Teegle will come by the next day. Daryl Brooding over the information he was given the other night. Teegle eventually shows up and Volkorn explains then entire situation that occurred with Saphira. About the visions he had. The Broke Back Bandits raiding the castle. Daryl decides to detect his fathers thoughts where he thinks of his sons death occurring. Daryl exclaims "There is many ways for us to fail, when we don't have all the information. Tell them what they need to know to stay safe and save the world." He father tries to explain how he just wanted his safety and for him to live and that is why he was given away. Daryl does not just accept this thought of safety. His father starts to tear up after being berated from his son. Volkorn thinks they can make a rumor of a power stone being close by to pull Lydia herself away from the castle.

In the conversation they make suggestions to talk to Zarkan directly to which Teegles denies he could. They ask about his bruises on his neck. They tell him that they know. He looks at his son and tells him he only done all this because he wanted him to be safe. Daryl angrily says he wants answers!

My Bar What Happened To My Bar Or Hey That Voice I Remember That Voice - MP3

Monday, September 24, 2018

Getting Tatted Up or Dragon in The Mist

Here we have the group doing their thing that they do best. I am still not sure what that is but anyways; most of the gang talked around the town of Aetheral to obtain Black Lotus. They arew able to meat an Herbalist Amir that is able to sell them low grade shake of Black Lotus and some seeds for various types of Glow Weed for SweetChuck. Volkorn tried to inquire about buying more but concluded it could take 6 months of everyone farming the Black Lotus to get the amount needed to open up Mount Tomo. He then pushes to try and buy seeds but is told that it is not sold to outsiders. Volkorn is able to bribe the down on her luck Herbalist into trying to procure what he requires.

Daryl has his mind set on getting tattoos but realizes this cost gold. He is off set and complains to his group that night in the mansion. Late into the night Daryl is presented a floating pouch with a note of Caiden wishing for him to follow his dreams and providing Daryl with the right amount of Gold to achieve his goal of Magic Tattoos. Daryl sleeps throughout the night and then takes SweetChuck to Kobm to get fresh tattoos. There Daryl is able to meet the lead singer to Uhh!who honors him with a autograph turned into a tattoo. SweetChuck gets a tattoo of his own, but it is not magical... and may get sued over it.

Stug starts meeting his first few subordinates by doing what Stug does best, using his fists. He is able to take the paladin down without issue. Though when he meetgs his sorcerer he is duped from an illusionary spell. But the story starts to take a turn as Volkorn has a dreamm in a bar with a man who states that its time to even up the play for the gamble. He is shown a Red Dragon that is surrounded by a thick grey fog. Volkorn then Scryes this Dragon from his secret scrying room in the bar to discover what Daryl has been up to in there and has not cleaned any part of his mess after watching Rhonda's Squatting session to make an attempt to message them... The Dragon speaks, and after a short story Volkorn discovers her name to be Saphira.

Come and find out how it all goes down, and maybe someone might be able to get some land to grow the crops of glowweed. Only time will tell where the wind takes the RoDss.

Getting Tatted Up or Dragon in The Mist - MP3

Tuesday, September 18, 2018

Into The Caves or Mining The Mountain

The continuation of a continued story for stuff. Volkorn and Dranas have taken up the Mining Skill. Stug kills off some bears to the South and killing the bears he can. He collects these bears and then heads to the Merfolk of The Lake. He starts to stuff the bears down the hole into the water. Stug is greeted by the voice again from the Merfolk. He gives them offerings but the bears are denied and the Merfolk require live humans as the offering. Stug inform them that he will provide.

While the rest are doing their thing Daryl decides to head out to Kobm to get these tattoos he has head of. Volkron and Dranas continue off to the Elvish City of Aetheral. They notice that the entire bottom section of the tree there is no old Elves to be found. Volkorn is very intent on finding an herbalist shop, he looks high and low for a guard but does not find one. He then look to the closest kids and grabs him and starts to shake him asking "WHERE IS THE HERBALIST SHOP!!!". The frightened kid talks back in elvish as he has no idea what Volkorn is yelling. Dranas finally helps out for once ( :P ) and asked the kid where they can acquire some Herbs. To which the child replies Amirs is the shop for them.

Volkorn attemps to buy Black Lotus and is able to do so but the quality is very low and it is all shredded up. Volkorn is also informed about how hard it is to self grow the herb and how even harder it is for outsiders to get seeds for the plant. Volkorn shows coin to gain Amirs favor and it appears to pay off. Amir is willing to try and find some Black Lotus Seeds for Volkorn. This is due to the entire Herbalist of Aetheral would take 6 months to grow the amount he needs. SweetChuck also gets some good strands of Glow Weed and growing help that she has learned.

Daryl has been provided gold from Caiden to follow his dreams and heads off to Kobm again with his gold he acquired. As he enters he is also seems to have company, but it is none other than the lead singer of UHH!. He tries to make friends and gain an autograph. Come and find out the stories and minor adventures of the RODss!

Into The Caves or Mining The Mountain - MP3

Saturday, September 1, 2018

Dont take kindly to your kind or We need black lotus and glow weed

After meeting their Orc friend and partying the night away the RODss continue their journey for herbs and Black Lotus. Once they are in the very depths of the cave they are able to find a potion but they can not determine what its contents are but decide to hold on to it for now. They look forward and notice a dark pool of water below them, it smell vile and quite murky. Daryl casts Water Breathing on the party and they start to descend, one by one. They make their way slowly down a narrow corridor that leads to an edge they can not see past. The water is so thick with a mucky greenish yellow color and various things floating about. Daryl casts glow on a rock to try to see further. He mage hands it out in the front only to see it disappear.

As this occurs Stug hear a voice in his head calling to him as Oread. Informing him that the offerings are early this time and that he has enter further than he is supposed to with their offerings and breaking the Agreement. After a brief conversation with this creature Stug tells everyone to back away and he will handle this and to trust him. The party follows Stugs wish and returns to the surface. Stug comes back to try and communicate with the Creature and is able to do so, but asks for a face to face. He is granted this request if he comes to him as he was when he is born. Stug removes his weapons and heads in. He is then greeted by a half humanoid half serpent known as Merfolk.

They have a brief discussioin about the oreads being to the south, and the pact that they have. But also Stug inquires about Black Lotus. In which the Merfolk states if Stug brings an early offering the would let him know where to get Black Lotus. The Merfolk informs Stug to bring the party he is with as the offerings now and he will provide him some and let him know where to get more. Stug informs him he will be back with offerings for the Merfolk and takes off.

The group reconvene and take north. There they are greeted by a warning arrow from the trees. They notice a group of elves in the trees, and to the north they notice a line of Dire Bears. Dranas steps forth to greet the Elves. The group is informed that Stugs kind is not welcome this far north and he must not move forward. Stug made the decision to split from the party to keep the peace, or so it would seem. Stug heads south to beat up bears while the group continue to the north towards Aetheral, the Elvish Kingdom.

Don't Take Kindly to Your Kind or We Need Black Lotus and Glow Weed - MP3

Saturday, August 18, 2018

Orc with a Green Thumb or Now That You Seen our Stuff Let's Go Venturing!

Sadly the Audio is lost, I was able to recover the .au files but in the end they just register as having no audio

This episode begins with the RODs meeting an Orc that was trapped in the vines and subdued until Daryl burned everything and everyone in front of him. The question the Orc why he is out here, and that answer resides in the quest to find the best herbs to start his own glow-weed farm and heard of tales how the Elvish forest holds many variety of plants. With discovering the profession of Herbalist the group asks if the Orc has seen any Black Lotus around. The Orc replies that his name is SweetChuck and that he has not.

The group decide to journey this forest together where they encounter some brown bears. Dranas thinking of how he hasnt really cooked any fresh new meats in some time decides bear meat will be on the menu. Stug rushes towards him as he is never shy of a good fight. When they turn the tree line they discover there is bears and then they also have a Momma Bear, Dire, with them. The two start to fight nature and defeat the bears except for one. Stug stands before Dranas to defend the knocked out Dire Mother Bear. Showing his interest for a pet.

Stug and their new friend SweetChuck attempt to tame the bear in which they use a charm spell to subdue to Dire Mother Bear that Stug has decided to name her Ursa. With this going on Dranas decides to Chop up the other bears for meat with new Black Obsidian Blade that he pulled out of the chest of a dead Drow Elf in nhis GF's new lair. Volkorn and Daryl just drink the time away. Dranas realizing there is too much for him to carry insists that they take the meat to the bar.

They pull out the little door and enlarge it to knock upon it and open the portal to their under ground headquarters in Celest. Everyone assists in carrying the bloody carves carcus of the bears to the freezing while giving a rather quick tour of the underside to SweetChuck where Volkorn informs him is below his bar. After getting the meat into the freezer the group decides to check out the bar scene and Dranas to check on his kitchen staff.

The staff is struggling to keep up and the kitchen is a bit of a mess. Though that is understandable to Dranas once he finds out the Uhh! is playing tonight! Dranas decides to help the kitchen catch up, clean up, and they show Brittany how to cook the bear meat. Volkorn tries to collect funds a little early on Quark but is reminded its not time but is offered to join their gambling session and also offers SweetChuck a sample of their new Snuff product.

When the Band is done and the party starts to wind down SweetChuck wrangles up a couple ladies and even passes one off to Dranas. Dranas decides to try the Snuff and get a quick large rush but the crash made him very weak and fatigued. As if his body is just not meant for it or its only for a special occasion. The group continue to party through out the night and Dranas takes a deep slumber.

In the morning the group continues to head out north where they meat a rather large lake. Stug dives in without hesitation. Battles off the Eels and notices a cave at the bottom where after he swims through notices there is an air pocket that holds the lake above. He informs the group of what he sees and they take action to head down. Making their way fighting off small pests they get to a large boat attached to a rope that descends into the depths.