Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Yeap, This Is Hell Or What? Just Attack Stuff!

The RoDs are continuing their decent through the portal and further in the tunnel within their hell. They continue to see what lurks behind every corner and collecting anything that can move, like alabaster pseudo dragon statues that Volkorn believes to be worth 100g a piece. Hey, a mans got to eat!

They head out venturing to the end of the cave where they meet the outside which appears to be nothingness, until Volkron peers around the corner of the cave where he notices something in the distance. As he continues to gaze it appears this figure is coming close and starting to become visible. It is a giant, Blood Red, monestary walled off. With a giant M on the monestary itself and the walls are covered in dark red to black faces that are recognized as Kytons. Volkorn explains to the group of these beings and them being a type of demigod created from pain and suffering. But why would the Morkans be tied to something like this?

The team attempt to take refuge in the cave opening and sleep, which they can only do for an hour before being attacked by demons. They battle their way to find time to make a new sanctuary with the limited rest they had to safely slumber for the time needed. Within their morning the crew head out with one thing on their mind... What ever is in there we will attack first, and if there is survivors ask questions later!

Yeap, This Is Hell Or What? Just Attack Stuff! - MP3

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