Thursday, May 4, 2017

Strength beats puzzles or We arent in Reliqua anymore!

Well here we are again friends. We have the RODs trying to figure things out in this room. They are unsure what the levers do themselves until they start to work as a team, where it seems like Stug is taking a leadership role when it comes to things that take thought. I am liking Stugs progression as a character thus far.Stug asks Daryl to shrink a statue that charges from the wall, it works. Daryl not wanting junk in his backpack just tosses it into the black goop below... which disturbs more Bone Golems that rested.
After the battle Dranas starts to swing his sword at the track to another statue to try and get it to stay out of the wall. Stug watching as Dranas keeps up the fail train decides to pull the statue out. The floor is able to hold onto the statute but breaks at the knees. The group places the statue back on the it came from and pulled the levers to see the statue shatter and releasing another emerald to put into the door.
From there our adventurer open up to a room just as destroyed as the others but with a group of ghouls, one yelling "It is opened! Go! Tell the others!" in which the RODs does the most Diplomatic thing the RODs does and that is to kill them!
After defeating the ghouls the RODs make their way to the back of the room noticing a red swirling portal. Where this leads nobody knows. Dranas feels evil from within so he wishes to jump head first into the portal, but Daryl is having second thoughts on the entire thing.
The group venture forth noticing a small opening to a redish orange sky, with a tunnel system in front of them made of dark volcanic rock. Volkorn was able to conclude that they left their planes to a Chaotic Evil one.

But hey, don't just take my word for it. Have a look!

Strength beats puzzles or We arent in Reliqua anymore! - MP3

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