Monday, April 10, 2017

Wizard played right or Where did the witch lady go?

After a week of delay here we are again. Daryl was missing so the Paladin stepped into his role,but could not figure out how to play him as daryl. Then again could anyone really do such a task? The group are able to safely stay in the safe house created by Dani. Who for some reason dissapeared and only leaving her pet dragon, who seems to shows affection towards Daryl, and the safe house.

The group waits for Volkorn to stop being mopey for about a day before they venture forward. They then see a being with tentacles that at the end have claws like a lobster and eyeballs. Come see how the group deals with this first boss and its adds that they dont see until Dranas jumps into action first, as usual, before become aware of the full situation. I just don't know if he is being suicidal or too arrogant even after the close calls with death. His fate truly lies with his decisions and the roll of the dice.

Watch as stug uses items he hasnt used in a while and finally makes use of them only to find more that lies deep within the Morkan Sanctuary. Will our team ever start figuring out what may have gone wrong? Will Dranas ever search his inventory? Will Daryl burn his party members? And who is at the bottom that is casting such an evil presence? Come listen as the RODs continue their journey into the unknown.

Wizard played right or Where did the witch lady go? - MP3

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