Thursday, April 20, 2017

What is this black stuff or Daryl back at it again!

Here we go again! Daryl, the real Daryl, is back. Continuing their decent into The Morkans Stronghold where more and more hellish things await. A door that is wrapped in skin. Stug demands fire, what could possibly go wrong?. After not wanting to mess with the burning door for now the group head off down the hall and into some putrid black sludge. And with stug around you know here is much holding going on. At the end of one section They group finds a gem in a mountain of this sludge. Dranas being Dranas just shoves his hand into it, or at least he tries.

The group continue on to a room of sludge laying below 4 other pillars and a wooden bridge to connect them all. Along the wall a statue of a woman holding a shield. as the group looks around and is bull rushed from a statue interlaced with the walls stug tells Daryl to fly over to the main statue in the room and check it out. Then Shrink it, then bring it to him. Someone raises the Bone golems that lay below in the sludge. What could have possibly happened? Where they always evil? Why was everything stuck down here? Who locked the door? Our hero's may never find out. Though they easily could. But only time will truly tell what lays ahead for the RODS.
What is this black stuff or Daryl back at it again! - MP3

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