Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Finishing the Game or Best Store in Wastelands

Dranas and Stug contemplate how to safely continue on with the game. Looking down another hallway to see a couple of oiled up bronze bro's that love to hug it out and flex in the mirror! Listen to the "strategery" of Stug and Dranas's ability to not rush face first, for once.

Upon finishing the game the group seems to have lost a member and there seems to be some new visitors at the Dragon Party. Could it be? Another Oread?!Wait, they are merchants who travel the Wasteland looking for Wonderous Items to sell? "Take all my Gold! Wait... Let me go get some more gold!" exclaims the ROD.

Sadly Daryls Dragon Party was not recorded... but!
Daryl comes back with many things on his mind. Volkorn decides to do the best thing he could do at a time like this and get Daryl drunk and explain what he was up to. We get more of the back story about Teegle, Daryl's mother Stalia, father, and even Zarkan! Or at least his drunken recollection of it.

Daryl was in charge of taking pics of the game this session... He is fired...
Finishing the Game or Best Store in Wastelands - MP3

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