Monday, January 2, 2017

Was it 9 lives? Or, Vortex-ed again!

Alright.. So first thing first. New poster, this is the GM of STR. I will be posting pics of session board to give a better understanding of things. Also, I have come to the conclusion that I need to describe things in much better detail. So I will work on that. Also I will add GM notes. They won't give out too much to any would be PC's that happen to read. So without further rambling here is last game session.

Here we see the PC's playing The Game that was presented to them by the Dragon Riders they met a few sessions ago. They are completing the second doorway where the walls sweat water and they meet some more puzzles and water elemental's.
Still playing the devil's advocate to our new player, Dino Runner (?). And we also discover that he can't do math, thanks Common Core! Volkorn also learns why not to let Daryl play his character the hard way.So without further discussion please enjoy this session. There is joy, mystery, hard fought battles, and heartbreak. Also below is GM using the new Reaching Stick! Thanks Stug!

Was it 9 lives? Or, Vortex-ed again!

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