Tuesday, November 21, 2017

You want the Zone of Truth? You can't Handle the Zone of Truth or Kobm..KOBM?! again?

We begin this adventure at the grounds of the horrible incident that occurred. After being disregarded, Daryl's ideas are finally being recognized by Dranas? Our group decides to put a sack over Puss Pockets head and use their rings to make the door open a passage to their hideout back in Celest after a nice cleaning in Daryl's mansion. They come back to a non-managed bar that has some issues that need fixing. The barkeep seems to be taking on the mannerism's of the newly migrated goblins. Dalton is keeping much of the riff raff out but they job is starting to get more due to more influx of guests and buyers but did suggest to get more workers to maintain.

Daryl decides its his time to Scrye Rhonda who is working out in a gym.After much alone time Daryl decides to Scrye Zarkan and exclaims FART! so Stug can see what he is scrying now. Where they notice Zarkan talking to a short cloaked person as he walks through a cave full of Giants where they notice their eyes are the eyes of the undead. He has another Scrye to consume so he Scryes Malo who he sees him hanging out with his "Dad".

Dranas find his kitchen messier than he would like it to be.He takes over the cooking while the rest clean up the kitchen. Volkorn receives food but from Dranas but sends it back. Its a little burnt to his liking. But he makes good on the next attempt.

After all that, the group got together to talk about the goblin in which Daryl expresses his concerns about them being the hub for snuff. Dranas decides that its his time to shine and casts Zone of Truth before making his way to Quark, the goblins boss here in Celest. With this there is no lying or sugar coating of what is to be said, or so Dranas is to believe this. Here they find a new gambling game being played by the goblins, left right center (but a little changed for pathfinder to be shorter). Volkorn discusses the funding arrangement with Quark. As well as turning down Stugs idea to have a goblin help with security. Dranas finds out how people really feel about him at the bar as well.

After more dialogue and staying the night at the Bar the group have a great idea to go meet up with Gary and Larry but what is to become of them and their chosen path? Only time will tell. So come and join us as we continue our venture.

You want the Zone of Truth? You can't Handle the Zone of Truth or Kobm..KOBM?! again? - MP3

Tuesday, October 24, 2017

Full Speed Awesome Or Can You Trust Him

The graveyard was set ablaze! Stug strategically retreats but curiosity got the best of him, or should I say the adult beverages that are 8% got the best of him.This session starts off with the group stuck in a passage from the main memorial stone in the grave leading below.

Here they notice the graves of first known founders of Morkans. But there is a stone in some of the graves which seem to go to a hole that may be the source of the katans monastery..or not..but there is only one way to find out and thats what the RODs plans on doing! After much thinking and deliberation stug goes on recon mission to where they believe the final stone exists. After a vivid description on where the group must go they plan their attack and go for it... I don't want to say much about what happens but its well worth seeing Stug get shit-face(if I'm drunk in real life I'm drunk in game!) and get takes one for the team. Dranas decides his time to act is now, and cleanly cuts Stugs bed follow in half!

After getting the final and reaching back to the grave Volkorn informs everyone that once this is in place they have little time to escape before the portal to this planes is closed off. Everyone nods, the stone is set, and the group teleports as the planes starts to shake. Volkorn casts his animal companions and leaps through the portal, stug decides he will be Gandolf and stays behind to fight the waves of demons rushing to the portal before it closes!

Here we also get Volkorn giving a recap to our new player, and a realization of the shit show they have been a part of. That everything they have tried to do, for some reason or another, just always goes south and is rarely in the benefit of the people they believe they are helping, except the girls they saved from being eaten by the Gamaru.

With only seconds to spare Stug somehow manages to escape through the portal. From here they group decides to set up camp but Dranas decides to see if he can find the demon that took his sword. While doing so Dranas leaves the hole to find his ship is missing, also there is some dead bodies and a broken wagon. There is only a Goblin sifting through what appears to be what remains of his stuff. Puss Pocket. Stug needs absolutes verification that Dranas could trust this goblin before he asks him to come to their super secret hiding mansion.

After getting to know each other the group rests and takes venture to get their boat back... but turns to a revenge by having the pRODs teleport to locations given to them from Stugs old Nomad buddy. Here they see an empty building, a Building with kids that run for their lives from them. Then there is a small camping group, most in rags, but dont seem to want to comply with people who fly in on horses yelling about boats. One yells out that "Broke Back Bandits aint nothing to fuck with! and Volkorn twitches and is ready to attack.

Come and join us to fill in the cracks as we have an 8 hour adventure! With guest stars as Crazy lady who tells stug he is an idiot!

Full Speed Awesome Or Can You Trust Him - MP3

Monday, September 25, 2017

Here there back again or Wait, whats down here?

Here we are again, stuck in a mansion in a planes of Hell. With much thought the group decides to teleport while invisible. And an old GM trick, laying the map down prior to game but upside down, worked! Honestly, I just wanted to move it to make it easier to add more things to the map. They do so, but seem to forget what the layout of this Monastery looks like. The group appear to have a good plan but execute it poorly by making their way back out the front door.

From this point to group takes a nap to replenish in the mansion, again. Daryl always making sure he is drinking his mothers milk, even though he is very bad at guessing the time. But is his guesses good enough? The crew Decides to try this strategy again. Where they do and make their way to the center of the courtyard to find a large hedge with a graveyard in the middle. Door to the north, east, and west. As the group looks around and enters the graveyard their invisibility wears off. With quick reactions of an initiative roll the group sets up for another fight.

The fight was long and a quick fireball the the hedges creates a large fire and smoke, alerting those around them. Plans to escape Stug sinks into the ground once again. but curiously decides to look under the main gravestone with names written on them. Charles, Zelkan, Talkri, To'Sturb, Grebbil, and Cole Ranche.

Here there back again or Wait, whats down here? - MP3

Monday, August 28, 2017

Infiltration is Key or Who is running this shit show?

What can I say? This episode has is all! It's got action! Its got passion! It has character development and DINOSAURS!!!

I mean honestly, what else is there to say besides that?! Come and join the RODs on their continuation into a hell. Stay in suspense as you hear a Wizard attempt to tank! Watch as Stug decides its time to make his own path, back to safety that is!

Infiltration is Key or Who is running this shit show? - MP3

Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Why is the paladin yelling or attack rolls are best diplomacy rolls!

Here we are again.. nice and cozy. AC running, beer is flowing, and a story is to be heard. The story of RODs. Here we join the young lads as they continue their battle into this plane of hell. We have Dranas yelling to the people in Morkan masks that he is Morkan as he continues to slash at them, even as the ones being hit are in disbelief because they are attacking them and their Monastery without any warning or reason. The onslaught continues with much magic and many muscles. We get to see stug throw a demon off the walls surrounding the monastery! Daryl has a RL issue to save his food from his dying fridge. But Dranas takes over and plays the most Daryl move that Daryl could have ever played... Unnatural Lust, and it works!! As more parties start the climb the wall a demon is being raped. The group decide to descend the wall and take the battle to the front courtyard. Daryl returns with food and takes back over, but decides Wizards are now tanks! oh man, oh man. They cleared 5 groups of 4, 3 ghouls and a wizard. But not without consequences... Join us to see what happened in this excited continuation of RODs!

Why is the paladin yelling or attack rolls are best diplomacy rolls! - MP3

Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Yeap, This Is Hell Or What? Just Attack Stuff!

The RoDs are continuing their decent through the portal and further in the tunnel within their hell. They continue to see what lurks behind every corner and collecting anything that can move, like alabaster pseudo dragon statues that Volkorn believes to be worth 100g a piece. Hey, a mans got to eat!

They head out venturing to the end of the cave where they meet the outside which appears to be nothingness, until Volkron peers around the corner of the cave where he notices something in the distance. As he continues to gaze it appears this figure is coming close and starting to become visible. It is a giant, Blood Red, monestary walled off. With a giant M on the monestary itself and the walls are covered in dark red to black faces that are recognized as Kytons. Volkorn explains to the group of these beings and them being a type of demigod created from pain and suffering. But why would the Morkans be tied to something like this?

The team attempt to take refuge in the cave opening and sleep, which they can only do for an hour before being attacked by demons. They battle their way to find time to make a new sanctuary with the limited rest they had to safely slumber for the time needed. Within their morning the crew head out with one thing on their mind... What ever is in there we will attack first, and if there is survivors ask questions later!

Yeap, This Is Hell Or What? Just Attack Stuff! - MP3

Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Magical items but why or HE STOLE MY CLOUDSONG!!!

I do apologize for the late update due to personal reasons of travel but lets get back into it again!

Here we are with the RODs continuing into the unknown. After much debate on which path to take crew flips the metaphoric coin and start there adventure. The group seems to have found a skull with 2 yellow gems. After Daryl holds the amulet and hears a crackling voice in his head whisper of an song (Light Bright, Light Bright, shine so bright). Upon testing it, the eye shine out with a light so bright that he feels that it may blind a person.

The adventurers continue their journey to watch Stug go Kenshiro on enemies, which upsets Volkorn who is itching to get some blood on his hammer! The group continue their battle in which Dranas swings his Bastard Sword only to hold it incorrectly and hurt his wrist dropping his sword. One of the Ghoul sees its chance and grabs the Sword and starts to take off! Dranas drops his shield and pull out his mighty 2H and yells for his sword to return. Stug and Dranas take chase. Stug runs through 2 enemies down the hall with no care that he is being swung upon to look down the final hall to not see the Ghoul or the sword of his comrade.

Volkorn attempt to help locate the sword but to no prevail. The group continues on and come to fight a dark knight creature holding a Halberd with black steel with a icy mist fuming off of it. Come and listen to the struggle of RODs.

Magical items but why or HE STOLE MY CLOUDSONG!!! - MP3

Thursday, June 22, 2017

Remembering how to play or will someone get that baby?!

Well, long time no see friends. After a 1.5 months off we are back at our normal schedule.

Here we are with our adventuring making their way into the portal that leads to some Chaotic Evil plane. The RODs notice a blue light coming from the tunnels leading left and right with both converging down the main hallway to their No..We... um, in front of them. Dranas with his knowledge , and I use that lightly, from past experiences is that he believes that they must follow the path to the left and right first to unlock something from the front path.

After split second decision the adventurers head left. There they meet some Glabrezu, Four arms grace the torso of this towering monstrosity. The monster's eyes shine with a mix of intelligence and cruelty. Daryl, trying to repeat his righteous success of last game fails miserably with a ill-placed acid pit... poor Volkorn.

Now that we hopped back on the bike things should run a little more smoothly. not to mention we wont need an hour break for someone to make an appearance somewhere else.... women... or to be enticed by Tekken 7. Plus Volkorn will be back. Can't wait to see the group expressions when they find out what lies ahead. It will be an uphill climb where if they are not truly careful someone or all may just perish.

Remembering how to play or Will someone get that baby?! - MP3